A Homeowner’s Checklist for Electrical Inspection

When you buy a new home, own an older home, or have renovated or added a major appliance you want to make sure your home is safe. An electrical inspection in these situations should be done by a licensed electrician, but there are some things you can examine yourself.


  1. First locate your electrical panel. It is usually found in the garage or basement.
  2. Look for dark or smoky residue and wear and tear on the panel.
  3. Check the fuses. Round fuses are out-of-date and should be replaced.
  4. Examine the panel for any wear or rust and replace if necessary.
  5. Next look at your house’s wiring.
  6. Start by determining if your house was built before 1973. Older houses may have aluminum or knob-and-tube wiring which can be safety concerns and may need to be replaced.  The wiring should also be checked with an electrical inspection.
  7. Do a sweep of the outlets in your bathrooms and kitchen. These outlets should have ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) which prevent overloading and accidental electrocution.
  8. Make sure that all lights in the bathrooms and kitchen are at least several inches away from water sources.
  9. Don’t forget to scan your outdoor outlets for GFCIs. Outdoor outlets are exposed to rain, snow, garden hoses, and other water sources.
  10. Indoor outlets should also be inspected even if they are not near water sources. Look for loose or malfunctioning outlets as they may need to be repaired or replaced. See if there are any scorch or smoke marks and listen for sounds such as humming or clicking sounds. If you see or hear marks or sounds, be sure to notify your electrician so he can be sure to take a look during his electrical inspection.

Getting an Electrical Home Evaluation for Your Beverly Hills Home

Buying a home requires a lot of time and resources. If you’re making an investment in the Beverly Hills area, you want to make sure that you’re dream home doesn’t become a nightmare. Finding a licensed, fully-insured electrician for your electrical home evaluation can ensure your dream becomes a reality.

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The electrician will do a thorough examination of your electrical systems, including wiring, outlets, and light fixtures. Their report will give you valuable information in terms of needed repairs and potential issues. This report can help you determine how and if you proceed with purchasing the property.

When you choose an electrician, there are a few things you want to keep in mind so that you know you are working with a quality professional. Look for a fully-insured electrician so that both you and he are covered should something unforeseen happen. You can ask potential electricians for a sample report to get an idea of the type of information each one provides. There are several companies in Beverly Hills that will do an electrical home evaluation. When deciding which company is right, be mindful that those newer to the business often rely on professional recommendations. An experienced and skilled electrician has built a solid reputation over the years and doesn’t need such recommendations. Less experienced or less skilled businesses may also offer lower prices because they are new or do not do a comprehensive job.