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We are an electrician company specializing in custom home retrofit and remodeling projects. Our electricians complete all phases of home construction, repairs and improvements. They are your best choice to install power supplies, lighting, home audio & video and convert houses to smart homes. We are your local electrician for all your wiring needs and also provide inspections for Realtors & Home Buyers and perform systems evaluation

We provide:

  • FREE ESTIMATES for home owners within our service area before job start, hence no hidden costs.
  • GREAT VALUE for demanding clients with high-end expectations.
  • BEST PRICES, because we know that you like the best but still appreciate the savings.
  • EXPERT ELECTRICIAN with the ability to handle your project in the most professional and cost-effective way possible due to extensive experience.
  • SAFE experience through background checks of all employees and Google guaranteed.
  • FAST response time because we’re already in your neighborhood.
  • ON TIME appointments with live updates.
  • RELIABLE service you can count and furthermore trust.



What is the “Power Lighting Network Cameras Sound” experience and how can you benefit?

Choosing us to do your home electrical projects, enables you to receive many different services from one company that would usually require several different types of contractors and service providers which consequently simplifies the installations and as a result saves you time and money.

We are licensed, qualified and knowledgeable to do:Power transmission lines

  • Best Evaluations of Electrical Systems at time of Escrow Physical Inspections
  • Most Detailed and Comprehensive Repair Estimates.
  • Complete Electrical and Lighting Designs and Installations
  • All Low Voltage, Audio, Video, Telephony, Networks, Security Cameras and Smart Home conversions.

We can take care of the job from the time you are in escrow with a comprehensive electrical physical inspection until the moment you turn on your lights and sound.

We create designs, obtain city permits, meet with building inspectors and submit engineering and calculations to the utilities.

You can count on us to supply the best materials, handle all installations and customize and program the equipment to your needs.

Our technicians are polite and courteous and will therefore always make sure to turn your project into the most enjoyable experience possible.

We are committed to your satisfaction.