Take our challenge and the only difference you will hear is the sound of coinage you saved®

One could easily drop six figures on a whole house audio system. We challenge the ability to hear the difference between that and ours at savings up to 75%.
As with all aspects of home comfort your sound system should be easily accessible to all without fuss and easily customized by all of it’s users. This means that streaming services controlled through personal devices take preference. Once a high-quality input connectivity is established the focus is back to the basics of sound relying on confident amplification and high-end speakers.


Like tires hitting the road, being the last component in the chain allows speakers to have the biggest effect on the overall sound. Interestingly enough one could put a value on the parts in the order they are connected. Properly sized speaker wiring approved for in-wall or plenum installation will get you all the way to the next level, selecting the right amplification to match.


Locating the speakers has a greater effect than you might think. Taking in consideration movement from one space to another and the ability to still being able to hear both John and Paul while roaming through a crowded house-party makes for great overall sound. Letting us add the thump you want when and where you need it will make for the best in-house system at your location.

No One Needs To Know

Save up to 75% and no one will know unless you tell them. You could even say that you spent a lot of money. We are not in the business of selling equipment or electronics. This means we are not into selling you anything you don’t need. We are into providing you with a great system for your needs, nothing more and therefore save you money you can spend on more gear.


As with all components we handpick for our services, we have researched the market’s top products and exclusively selected Proficient Audio speakers for our installs.