Surge Protection Tips


Surges of electricity can be dangerous and damaging to your home. Electrical protection is important to protect against lightning strikes, tripped circuit breakers, and malfunctions that can cause voltage spikes; here are a few tips to remember during your next LA home inspection.

Extension Cords

An easy way to guard against surges is to use extension cords with surge protectors in them. However, it can be pain to purchase and plug in an extension for every single electrical device in your home, and you must be careful not to overload an outlet.

Whole-House Protection

A better option is to have a surge protection device installed on your main electrical panel to protect your whole home. If you’re interested in comprehensive surge protection, you should consult a Beverly Hills electrician—call Powerhouse Electric at 323-464-0888 today.

Looking to Create Your Perfect Home Theater?

Looking to Create Your Perfect Home Theater?

Setting up Home Theater

For the true film buffs, a regular living room TV sometimes just doesn’t cut it, especially not in the movie capital of the world. A home theater complete with surround sound, a projector, a snack bar, or theater seating is a great way to enjoy your favorite flicks. When it comes to LA theater installation, though, there are certain electrical considerations that need to be taken into account.

Theater Installation

A home theater might include a massive big-screen TV, a permanent mounted projector, a complex speaker system, or even a popcorn machine. You should have an LA home inspection conducted to ensure that your electrical wiring can support that demand. If not, have a Beverly Hills electrician update your house and get your new equipment installed. Powerhouse Electric is ready to help make your home theater dreams a reality; give us a call at 323-464-0888.

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