Six Tips for Choosing an Electrician

Six Tips for Choosing an Electrician

Your home is important to you so when it’s time to remodel, upgrade, or build anew, you want to make sure you’re working with the right electrician.  Fortunately, there are tips you can follow to make the right choice.

Expert Electrician Lego MotherboardQualifications

One of the most important things to look for is an electrician who is licensed and fully insured.  Licensing means that they are certified to carry out specific or specialized work.  Having full insurance coverage protects both the electrician and you should something go wrong.


Some companies that don’t specialize in electrical work may still offer electrical services.  While their employees may have some basic training in electrical work, unless they are electricians, they probably don’t have all the knowledge they need to do a quality job.



It’s okay to get estimates from multiple companies because an estimate can reveal clues about the company providing it.  Too low might mean that the electrician doesn’t use quality material, but too high can mean the company has large overhead costs, which they will pass on to you.


Be aware that some companies pay their employees by commission.  The company gets their fee from you, but the electrician only gets his commission if he sells you a product or service, whether or not it’s necessary for your project.


Also watch out for companies that try to draw you in with a gimmick.  Chances are they are passing the cost of the gimmick, such as a free service or product, to you by marking up other costs.


How a company advertises can impact the cost of their services.  Large marketing campaigns are expensive, and just as with the gimmick, the company is going to transfer that expense to you.