When to Replace Electrical Wiring

When to Replace Wiring

Wiring Box

One of the biggest causes of electrical fires in the US is aging electrical wiring. A house with wiring that is too old is at greater risk for a number of problems, and can also be less efficient than a home with newer systems—but how can you tell when it’s time to rewire?


The first sign that your home needs to be rewired is if the wiring it over fifty years old. In many cases, these systems are not designed to handle the high electrical load of a modern lifestyle, and they may have outdated or degrading insulation that can lead to trouble. Be sure to get rewired soon if your electrical system hasn’t been upgraded for five decades. Also, check to see if your home was built with 60’s or 70’s aluminum wiring; it might not be as old as other systems are but it’s still a dangerous and obsolete system.

Odd Behavior

There are other signs to watch for that indicate you need new electrical wiring. If your circuit breaker trips frequently, it could be a sign that you are overloading the system. If your outlets and switches are becoming discolored, it could indicate the presence of charring from overheating. Dimming, flickering, or buzzing behavior can also mean you have issues. If you smell something burning, turn off the electricity and call an electrician immediately; you may need to get the wiring replaced. Rewiring house systems is an excellent way to keep yourself, your family, and your home safe.

Looking to Create Your Perfect Home Theater?

Looking to Create Your Perfect Home Theater?

Setting up Home Theater

For the true film buffs, a regular living room TV sometimes just doesn’t cut it, especially not in the movie capital of the world. A home theater complete with surround sound, a projector, a snack bar, or theater seating is a great way to enjoy your favorite flicks. When it comes to LA theater installation, though, there are certain electrical considerations that need to be taken into account.

Theater Installation

A home theater might include a massive big-screen TV, a permanent mounted projector, a complex speaker system, or even a popcorn machine. You should have an LA home inspection conducted to ensure that your electrical wiring can support that demand. If not, have a Beverly Hills electrician update your house and get your new equipment installed. Powerhouse Electric is ready to help make your home theater dreams a reality; give us a call at 323-464-0888.

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Tips to Save Money on Electricity

Tips to Save Money on Electricity

Reducing electricity usage is a great way to save money on your electric bills and help out the environment. Whether your goal is green living or a better budget, check out some of these tips for saving electricity.

Tips to Save Money on Electricity

Heating and Cooling

A good deal of electricity is devoted towards heating and cooling your home, especially if you have an electric furnace. Make sure that your home is properly insulated to prevent air leaks and make temperature regulation more efficient. If you have a fireplace damper, be sure to keep it closed when not in use.


Energy efficient light bulbs are another good way to cut back on energy usage. Compact florescent bulbs or LED lights last longer and use less energy than traditional ones. Also, installing dimmer switches and motion sensors is a good way to reduce electricity consumption. If that isn’t feasible, simply shutting off the lights whenever you leave the room can help you cut back a little bit.


Using lower settings on your appliances can also save energy. Don’t turn the water heater all the way up if you aren’t using 140-degree water on a regular basis. Setting your AC warmer in the summer time and your furnace cooler in the winter also helps save electricity, as does raising your refrigerator temperature a little bit.

This is only a partial list out of hundreds of potential techniques for saving electricity. Whether you want to preserve our environment or simply save a little cash, there are many different ways you can reduce energy use.

Saving Electricity with Green Living!

Is Your Home Up to Code?

Is your Home up to code?Is Your Home Up to Code?

Electrical codes are designed to help protect homeowners and prevent property damage, but many people are not adequately familiar with them. When dealing with electricity, minor mistakes can lead to major disaster, and it’s extremely important to ensure your home is up to code so that you can stay safe.

Potential Problems

Common mistakes include:

  • Wiring problems such as overcrowding
  • Exposed junction boxes or wires
  • Faulty breakers
  • Damaged electrical outlets or switches
  • Mixed high- and low- voltage wiring

These issues might be caused by ordinary wear and tear, or by careless handymen and contractors that didn’t know what they were doing.

Staying Safe

If you are concerned about whether your house follows electrical codes, than you should have a Beverly Hills electrician examine your home as soon as possible. Powerhouse Electric can conduct your LA home inspection—call 323-464-0888 today.

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